Facts You Don’t Know About Islam

Many myths prevail over Islam. The following article will talk about facts that many ignore, will help to ignore the myths that prevail in the world of social networks. Here are facts you do not know about Islam


Women can divorce


If this is mentioned in the marriage contract, even the woman can give a unilateral divorce. But it does not appear in the marriage contract, the woman can apply for a divorce, the husband or husband refuses, and the woman has a good reason for the divorce, you can use an Islamic judge, and the judge can cancel the marriage…Islam teaches all men and women to remember.


Usually, people talk about Hijab for women, but God Almighty speaks first of Hijab to men, that if a man looks at a woman and blatant thoughts come to mind, look down. After talking about self-control, Almighty God speaks of the hijab that women should dress modestly, with the whole body covered and the only visible parts are the face and hands up to the wrists.


Islam does not punish the victim of rape for adultery


If someone accuses a woman of adultery, then the accuser must bring four witnesses to prove it, or the accuser receives 80 lashes. Therefore, four witnesses should not show the violation, but the requirement of four witnesses is to protect women from false accusations. In a rape case, the victim’s testimony, circumstantial evidence and a medical report proving the violation are sufficient. The rape victim is not punished. When a rape victim initiates a rape case against a man, then the woman cannot be accused of adultery and cannot be punished for adultery.


Islam does not favour honour killings


Islam is entirely against murder for honor, and if a man kills a woman in the name of honour, then this man is punished with death in Islam.


Women are not forced to marry in Islam


In Islam, no one can force a woman to marry against her will, not even her father. Marriage can only take place if women and men agree. And if someone pushes a woman to get married, then you can see an Islamic judge, who will invalidate the marriage.


Islam treats women in the same way as men


In Islam, men and women are equal, but not identical. In some cases, women have some advantage, while in others, men have some power. For example, women receive more love and compassion for children in Islam, so it is an advantage for women. While Allah, the Almighty God has given more strength to men; then in force men have a particular position.


Islam has granted women the right to vote, the right to property, to work, and Islam requires that if a woman does the same job as a man, she also receives the same salary as men. Islam granted these women all these rights and many others 14 centuries ago, while the rest of the world has recently given them these rights. That’s why two-thirds of people who convert to Islam are women.




A widespread myth about Islam is that the sword spreads it, but people do not realize that Muslim armies have never been in many areas and countries with a Muslim majority. There are so many myths that people are approaching, but with the facts, then we will know the truth about Islam. Also, they have the best lamb curry recipe.